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Blood Purifier Acne, Melasma

The blood can be contaminated by many issues:

Poor evacuation of toxins due to poor functioning of the excretory organs such as Kidney, Liver and intestines.

The toxins will often be released through the skin and will show up as pimples or other skin disorders such as age spots Eczema and color changes. Skin disorders not only symptoms that come from toxic blood.

1) Acne
2) Black head
3) Dark Circle
4) Rashes
5) Pigmentation problem
6) Melasma

What we do?

  • Purifying the blood is very important to have a glowing.
  • Dr. Herbal blood purifier helps to increase skin glows and complexion.
  • Dr. Herbal medicines reduces hyper pigmentation provides nourishment to the skin and thus promotes a clear young looking complexion.looking complexion.
  • Dr. Herbal medicines removes excess oil and dirt from skin.
  • Dr. Herbal medicines helps in peeling of dead skin tissues and reduces de-pigmentation.