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Low Immunity in children


Our immune system protects against infection caused by virus, bacteria, fungi etc.
The immune system is more than just with blood cells although they are the important part of the defensive line. Various types of white blood cells having different jobs. Circulate throughout our bodies eradicating diseased and damaged cells.
The lymph nodes are also part of the immune system working 24*7 keep us free from disease and infection.

Symptoms :

1) Recurrent attack of fever
2) Running nose, Dry cough, Nasal block, Sore throat in children
3) Repeated diarrhea, Dysentery
4) Viral infections.

What we do?

  • Dr. Herbal medicines reinforces resistance against recurrent infection in children. Reduces oxidative Stress and increases immunity.
  • Dr. Herbal medicines improves body’s defense mechanism
  • Dr. Herbal medicines builds resistance to the diseases and helps to prevent infection
  • Dr. Herbal immunity medicine is also antiviral