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Pcod, Fibroid

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (or) Pcos is a condition in which a woman’s levels of the ex hormones estrogen and Progesterone are out of balance. This Leads to the growth of ovarian cysts. Women are more likely to develop pcos if their mother or sister also has the condition. Excess insulin may cause high androgen (Male hormone) levels. Women with pcos often produce higher than normal level of androgens.


Irregular menstrual periods.

  1. Acne.
  2. Weight gain.
  3. Anxiety.
  4. Infertility.
  5. Diabetes, Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol.

What we do?

  • Dr. Herbal can help to regulate the menstrual cycle.
  •  Herbal drugs control the insulin level.
  • We have medicines for controlling the cholesterol level and weight.
  • Acne and hair falling are controlled by Dr. Herbal medicines.
  • Our medicines not only treat estrogen and Progesterone balance naturally but aiso helps to increase fertility rate.

Fibroids are abnormal growth that develop in or an women’s uterus. The growths are typically being (Non-Cancerous). The cause of fibroids is unknown. Estrogen and Progesterone are the hormones produced by the ovaries. They causes the uterine lining to regenerate during each menstrual cycle and may stimulate the growth of fibroids 95% women have not any complications by fibroids.


  • Symptoms will depend on the location and size of the fibroid.
  • Heavy bleeding between or during the periods.
  • Pain on pelvis and lower back.
  • Pain during intercourse.
  • Menstruation time longer than usual.

 What we do?

  • Dr. Herbal medicines can stop the over bleeding
  • It gives relief from the painful menstruation
  • Our medicines regulate the hormone levels and help to shrink fibroids